“If we can change the way we interact with ourselves and one another,
then that sets the tone for experiencing more peaceful and harmonious lives for everyone.”
– Jennifer Nelson

Peace Be Still by Jennifer Nelson


“I would highly recommend! My son hated reading and was way below grade level. I honestly didn’t think he would find the motivation. But he loves meeting with Jennifer. Most of the time I forget about the tutoring session and he will stop playing his game to log on (which is very unlike him). We just had our first parent teacher conference where they were raving about his growth each month. New testing shows he is at grade level” – J.U. (Tutoring)


Jennifer is quite the professional. She is always on time, she waits for my son to get on-line, as at times there may be a connection snafu. She is very patient and quite encouraging. Although English is not his favorite subject, he enjoys the sessions as he feels accomplished and seems to retain material she presents. – Robin (Tutoring)


Jennifer is very genuine, a good listener and sincere about supporting teens and the challenges they might be facing in our world right now. – Elizabeth O. (Enrolled child in Online Class)

I used this as a resource to give to students during virtual instruction. Students voiced they liked the prompts and found the resource helpful. Students voiced the practice of using a gratitude journal was helpful. Based on self-report data it helped many of my students with their overall mental health. Students reported feeling happier and more at peace, and having a more kind and supportive internal dialogue after utilizing the prompts. –Shannon O. (Purchased Gratitude Journal)

My daughter is really enjoying this class. She seems so cheerful when class is over, and she’s been reading more without being asked. – Alana F. (Tutoring)

My son really enjoys this class! The teacher is great with the kids. He looks forward to it each week. – Sarah L. (Coloring and Conversations Class)