I created this site as a hub to link all of the things that I “do”. My work is as a writer, educator, curriculum developer, and healing arts practitioner.

Rainbow Brite by Jennifer Nelson

“Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential,
you can start changing the world.” -Paulo Coelho


Multi-Passionate Creative Harmonizer



Jennifer Nelson is a writer, educator, curriculum developer and an emotional healing practitioner.

She helps people by reminding them to connect to their intuition and innate gifts. She believes that kindness and a good sense of humor are essential.

In her free time she enjoys studying healing modalities and personal development skills.  Her goal is to help people find sovereignty remembering the divinity within themselves.


Educational Philosophy

  • I believe that teachers are facilitators of educational experiences and not guardians of all wisdom.
  • I believe that children are inherently curious and willing learners, and they will remain that way if provided an encouraging environment.
  • I believe that education should personalized.
  • My philosophy also says that knowledge of self is more important than memorizing things that may or may not actually be relevant to one’s life.
  • I don’t believe in producing educated robots that get in line and follow the script of life. If the script was working for the people who must participate in it, the world would be in much better condition.
  • Above all, we all must be free to follow our hearts and choose our own paths.