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I Can Believe in Myself
by Jack Canfield & Mariam Laundry

This beautifully illustrated book delivers the positive message that children should erase “I can’t” from their vocabularies. The problem is that the story develops under the premise of a lie. In this regard it promotes dishonesty due to fear, and this is never addressed in the book.

Everyone has a different comfort level. Some people will be okay with how the story unfolds, and others won’t. From my point of view, if we are afraid or reluctant to do something, we can simply state that without the need to lie to or manipulate others.

On the bright side, I appreciate the diversity in the illustrations. It is all very vibrant and beautiful, but there is also a bathtub photo that seemed unnecessary on an energetic level.

This is a clear case of resonance. Either this book will resonate with you or it will not.

Review by: Jennifer Nelson 10/22/21

(I did not purchase this book, I received an advanced reader copy).

Star Heart Factor

2 / 5