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Greta Grace
By Joanna Quinn

Greta Grace is a story about a girl who is navigating middle school while being bullied.
Highly sensitive children might feel that the book starts off on a rather jolting note because it begins with a diatribe about how a character is similar to the toxicity of cancer.

On the other hand, children with behavioral struggles that incline them towards aggression may find the introductory scene amusing as it describes specific instances of bullying behavior.
The tone of the book is dramatic, and as a sensitive person I felt like I had to shield myself from accessing an incompatible vibration. However, some will find the book to be relatable because it covers real issues that we face on Earth.

My main concern with this book is that the tone is not the most uplifting.

One of the characters laments the following over a bully: “Is it bad to wish that she would gently die in her sleep?” The character is told, “Yeah” and the Golden Rule is mentioned.
On the other hand, there are some inspiring quotes. One of the quotes I enjoyed was, “You can say anything you have to say to anybody as long as it comes from a place of love.”

I also like how the main character’s mothers said: “Greta Grace, you are amazing, strong, loveable and beautiful with an inner bright light shining that cannot be dimmed.”

If one can get over the drama and the fact that this book gives kids who are bullies a nice arsenal of phrases to add to their repertoire; one might find some useful nuggets to bring up for discussion .

In my opinion, this is a clear example of a book that either will resonate with you or it will not.

Review by: Jennifer Nelson 10/13/21

(I did not purchase this book, I received an advanced reader copy).

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