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Mommy, What is Confidence?
By: Shal Chirkut

This is a very sweet and innocent book that highlights the different ways that one can show confidence.

The main idea is that confidence must come from within. The author did a fine job of stressing this point using kid-friendly language.

I also like how the book mentions that it’s okay to make mistakes. Many children need to hear that.

Self love, persistence, assertiveness, and conquering fears are all covered in a delightful way.

The book ends with a list of activities that children can complete to show they have confidence. My only warning would be that if a child is recovering from bullying or extreme loneliness then saying the affirmation “I am liked by others” might not be in alignment with what they need, but it just depends on the child.

Overall, this is a pleasant read.

Review by: Jennifer Nelson 9/7/21

(I did not purchase this book, I received an advanced reader copy).

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