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I Can Be Kind
By: Rainbow Gal


This is a book with very good intentions that illustrates the importance of resonance. Some parents and educators will see this as a feel-good book with a wonderful message. Yet, others may not feel so inspired.

The story begins with a message to adopt a pet and not to buy from pet factories or pet stores. However, the story takes place in a pet shop. Some children might be perplexed by the conflicting message, yet the author tries to minimize that by mentioning that this pet shop was different from regular pet shops.

Because I teach very creative and deep-thinking children who might process things a little differently than most people; I can see how the mixed messages could detract from the main idea.

I like that the words iguanas, chameleons, piranha, and geckos are used because it gives children a chance to pronounce words that they may not be familiar with in their written form.

However, the book mentions that the piranha eats goldfish, and then there’s a picture of scared goldfish. Highly sensitive children might not appreciate that imagery.

Also, there’s somewhat of a hint of romance in this book that some parents may not be comfortable with.

Finally, the About The Author page notes that, “getting ready to hatch are hot sexy romance novellas”. I understand the author wants to promote her future work, but children reading this book are likely not the target audience for that.

Overall, the book has a positive message. But whether the delivery of that message resonates is up to the purchaser to decide.

Review by: Jennifer Nelson |  9/6/21

(I did not purchase this book, I received an advanced reader copy).

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